AiresMobilityX® Web Services for transferees

MobilityX® Web Services site is the centralized information portal for all aspects of a transferee's relocation program. Relocating employees receive customized, convenient information, like move status updates, expenses, and policy information all in one place.


With every move, AiresMobile gives transferees access to real-time information about their relocation, from any location. From scanning in receipts to submitting expenses, they can do it all here—at their fingertips.


As more employees opt for a relocation experience that offers more independence, Aires offers SpringBoard, a lump-sum, self-service management tool for the next generation. Accessible online and on mobile, transferees can personalize task lists, access our global network, and even sync tasks to personal mobile devices. And because we're committed to service, a Mobility Specialist is still available to provide support whenever we're needed.