AiresMobilityX® Web Services for corporate clients

The hub of your mobility program is MobilityX® Web Services. Log in to this secure portal to view your dashboard and access extensive, real-time data and both standard and customized reports about each individual relocation, as well as your overall program. Stay up to date on every critical detail, from move status updates to expense submissions to key policy information.


Composer helps you create a customized relocation policy, offer letter, or letter of assignment based on an a-la-carte selection of benefits on the authorization form. These documents can then easily be shared with your transferees and incorporated into your online authorization form.


Stay tuned in to your budgetary forecast. This cutting-edge cost estimate technology allows you to determine the estimated cost of each transferee's relocation based on real-time pricing data.


With FreeStyle, your reporting capabilities are virtually limitless. We store detailed relocation information, providing you with flexible and customized reports and information.