employee policy counseling

International mobility begins with an in-depth consultation with an Aires Counselor who will review the policy and fully assess the employee's needs and the needs of their family. As the key contact for the assignee, they will also use this time to conduct personal introductions to ensure the assignee is comfortable with contacting them any time they have questions or need assistance.

24x7 global support center

Aires provides after-hours support services through our Global Eye® Support Center, serving international transferees no matter what time zone they are in.

expense management and ongoing allowance payments

Aires offers a single-system Expense Management Program. Our services include Full-Service Expense Management, Financial Management and Reporting, Payroll Integration, and Tax Services.

area orientation

We help your candidate and their family make a more informed decision regarding the international assignment offer. A local relocation consultant will meet them at the airport and give them a thorough overview of the assignment location, including communities, housing, and schools, and help them see themselves in their new location.

home finding

Through our network of apartment and home rental agencies and resources, we can find the right home for your assignee anywhere in the world. After a thorough consultation, we develop a personalized solution for each family through Aires' Rental Assistance program, and the contract terms and conditions.

household goods moving

When it's time to move internationally, we can provide a number of services, including preparing all documentation, coordinating ocean and air freight, and managing customs clearance formalities at international points of entry. These international services are done in addition to packing, shipping, and coordinating the safe transport of all household goods.

destination and settling-in services

We take care of your assignees, arranging for them to be welcomed at the airport and transported to overnight accommodations. Assignees also receive assistance with registrations (such as driver's licenses, Social Security cards, and bank accounts) and are given tours highlighting neighborhoods and any other areas of interest.

international compensation administration

Our team of global compensation experts can provide a range of international compensation support services, including global data collection, payroll administration, and full-service international compensation administration.

property and tenancy management services

While transferees are out of the country, our Property and Tenancy Management Services ensure that their home is well cared for by a professional management company. The company will also manage tenancy requirements, and protect employees from volatile real estate markets upon their return from an assignment.


Aires has extensive experience with passport, visa, work permit, and immigration administration. We coordinate the process in partnership with an immigration law firm or destination service provider in the host country, and immigration services are delivered in conjunction with all other relocation services.

cross cultural & language training

Relocating families need to recognize and adapt to cultural and language differences so they can complete their assignments effectively. Aires provides a variety of training programs to help them live more comfortably in their new homes.

departure services

Our customized departure program meets the needs of international assignees, taking into consideration the local practices and regulations. We can help them in terminating a lease agreement, closing bank accounts, obtaining and forwarding security deposits, automobile sale or lease termination, and more.


At the end of assignment, we'll provide complete repatriation services to your employee, managing the move back to their home location. An Aires Counselor serves as a dedicated resource throughout the process.